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Does your bank no longer offer safe deposit boxes?

CitySafes, the safest place for all valuables.

Looking for a safe storage space for valuables and precious documents? With our extensive range of highly secure safes, you can rent a bank safe for as little as €8.95 per month.

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Your bank stops offering safe deposit box

Did you just receive a letter in your letterbox or mailbox from your trusted bank? Not to worry! More and more banks are discontinuing the rental of safes and focusing on digital solutions and remote advice. It is logical that they refer their customers to CitySafes. With burglary and fireproof safes, all your possessions are stored in modern branches with professionally qualified staff for a quality and personal service. As the largest and independent safe deposit box rental provider, we are happy to work with you and your bank.

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Renting a safe for the first time

Never rented a safe before? Do you feel better when your valuables are safely stored? Do you own some important documents or valuables in need of a secure place? Has your neighbourhood already experienced burglary, fire or noticed break-ins? With a bank safe from CitySafes, these problems are a thing of the past. You rent a safe deposit box quickly and in complete confidence. We guide you to the right safe deposit box and answer all your questions and concerns. Modern security techniques, reinforced walls, a trained team and always a regional manager as your confidential advisor. You can leave your home with peace of mind knowing your valuables are secure.

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Rent a safe deposit box today

Need a place for important possessions? Secure valuables against burglary, fire, theft or loss. Store your valuables in a safe from CitySafes and have peace of mind. With a large choice of bank safes in extra-secure vault rooms, your valuables will be safe in one of our branches. Contact us, stop by for an appointment and we will make a safe available immediately. Any questions or concerns? Our regional manager and a trained team are ready to answer any question. Make an appointment soon and secure your belongings today.

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CitySafes partners with major banks

An increasing number of major banks are discontinuing safe deposit box rentals and instead partnering with CitySafes. Our high-security branches offer a reliable place with a personal approach and well-organized robbery prevention. If you’re looking for a secure bank safe, whether you’re a first-time renter or have been referred by your trusted bank, talk to your bank about CitySafes or make an appointment to rent a bank safe near you right immediately.

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Customer reviews

CitySafes is the trusted place for valuables and valuables. Our highly secure bank safes and reliable branches convinced customers before you. Read our customers’ opinions.

“My parents rented a safe deposit box from the bank, but it stopped doing so. The bank referred us to CitySafes. I doubted the security at first, but CitySafes' branches are in former bank branches. I can say with my hand on my heart that the security is even better than at my bank. At CitySafes, they use very modern security and security techniques with camera surveillance.”

Thomas A. (58), 2023-04-11

“The reception at Citysafes was very pleasant. All information was given correctly and the tour was clear and well-organised.”

Hugo D. (45), 2023-04-11

“I did not know CitySafes, but after a heavy fire in the neighbourhood, it no longer felt safe to keep contracts, jewellery and our childhood photos in the house. I looked for a reliable provider of bank safes and ended up at CitySafes. It makes us feel safe now that everything is properly stored.”

Anneleen D. (33), 2023-04-11

“I used to rent a safe deposit box from my bank, because the branch closed I ended up at Citysafes. I thought it would be much more expensive than at the bank, but the price is about the same and I didn't have to take out any other products either. No waiting list, no additional requirements .... just rent a safe deposit box.”

Arnaud Chalmagne (67), 2023-04-11

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Our branches

CitySafes is located throughout Belgium. Thanks to our extensive network, there is always a bank safe for rent near you. Simply search by city or postal code to find a branch near you or reserve a bank safe directly.

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