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CitySafes, the safest place for all valuables.

Does your trusted ING branch no longer rent out safes? Thanks to a strong partnership with ING, you can still rent a safe deposit box in full confidence. Make an appointment and store your belongings for 2 months free!

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Will ING stop offering bank vaults?

More and more customers are heading over to CitySafes as ING stops offering safe deposit boxes. As the largest independent safe deposit box provider, CitySafes is a safe and reliable alternative. We offer the best protection for your belongings in branches with state-of-the-art security technologies and safes with automatic insurance.

Two months free for ING customers

Are you ready to switch from ING to CitySafes to rent a safe deposit box? Then we have good news for you. As an introduction, you benefit from two months of free rent on your safe deposit box. Discover our reliable and discreet service. Come along for a guided tour, a full explanation for storing your valuables and store your valuables right away. Safe and affordable.

From vault rental at ING to CitySafes

As the largest independent provider of professional vault storage in Belgium, CitySafes has an appropriate solution for every situation. You can rely on years of experience and knowledge of the founders of De Nederlandse Kluis. A success story with more than 40 branches throughout the Netherlands, which continue to serve more than 70,000 clients.

At CitySafes, we understand that some assets are impossible to value. That is why we open our branches in former bank buildings. Naturally, we upgrade the existing safe rooms with high-end security technology, 24/7 camera surveillance and professional and trained staff. That way, you will have peace of mind at all times.

You can always count on:

  • Trained and screened staff
  • The highest level of security in Belgium
  • Vault sizes based on your needs

Our staff will gladly welcome you for a guided tour.

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Frequently asked questions about switching from ING to CitySafes

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions here. More questions and answers can be found here.

Can I switch safe deposit box rental from ING?

Would you like to switch your safe deposit box rental from ING to CitySafes? An introductory offer is available especially for customers switching. Ask about the promotion when making the appointment or during your visit to your local branch. This way, you can easily get acquainted with our services at an attractive rate.

When is CitySafes® open?

CitySafes has several offices across Belgium. Opening hours vary per branch. Check our website for the opening hours of your nearest branch or call 02 486 70 00.

How does renting a safe deposit box work?

Make an appointment directly on the website and enjoy a tour of a branch of your choice. We will show you our working methods, the available formats and, if you wish, you can immediately rent a safe for immediate commissioning.

How soon can I access a safe deposit box after switching from ING?

Make an appointment via the website or contact us by phone on 02 486 70 00 and we will meet within a few days. Urgently looking for a safe to rent? Call 02 486 70 00 and together we will look at the possibilities for an appointment within 24 hours. Bring your valuables at once, because after the tour you will have the chance to rent a safe immediately.

How do I know if my safe is safe?

Your safe is located in a high-security vault that meets the stringent requirements of security category 4+. This is the highest security category in Belgium. We monitor our fire and burglary-proof safes 24/7.

What is the price of renting a safe?

Citysafes owns a diverse range of safes for hire. From €8.95 per month, you can already rent a safe with insurance. View the full list of sizes available at a branch of your choice or contact us for more information.

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