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There are many different types of insurance for your valuables. For example, there are residents contents insurance, fire insurance, valuables insurance and burglary insurance. All these insurances are aimed at compensating for damages, but preventing damages is of course even better. CitySafes can play a role in preventing damages by storing valuables in a safe deposit box or depot.

Reasons for and importance of insurance

People insure against different types of unexpected situations, but always to cover the risks. For example, if you are not insured against burglary and your home is broken into, the cost of replacing the stolen items will be on you. You will also be responsible for the damage done by the burglars to get in. Taking out insurance is cheaper than bearing all the costs yourself the moment something goes wrong. Often one incident will cost more than your insurance premium for an entire year combined.

Insure in conjunction with a safe deposit box

It is often difficult to determine the value of some objects. Think for example of heirlooms or jewelry. There is not only a financial value, but also an emotional value. The emotional value of an object cannot be insured. Nor can you insure against the emotional damage of losing important possessions. So for these types of possessions, it is advisable to store them in a safe safe outside your home. CitySafes safes are fireproof and monitored 24/7. This makes them well protected against theft, loss or damage caused by fire, for example. It is also important to consider proper storage options for important documents such as diplomas, deeds and shareholder registers. These papers have no financial value as such, but are difficult or impossible to replace in case of loss. The goods you store at CitySafes are insured up to €45,000 as standard. This amount can be further increased to €150,000 if desired. Because the insurance of stored goods is already included in the rental price of a safe deposit box or storage unit, you may be able to save on your insurance costs by not having to insure them yourself.

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